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Something interesting about PE

Technical Center "ANKOMTEH"  is the official partner of the PE since 2006.

PE Automotive (Hermann Peters) - one of the leading German manufacturers of spare parts for trucks and commercial vehicles in Europe. The company was founded in 1947, and is a family enterprise. Is certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. All the products before sale goes through a series of tests on the quality.

In 1998, when a new technology center was expanded, scientific and technical basis of product management and product development.


- Brake drums, brake discs, brake shaft, brake pads (shoes)

- P / K Expanding shafts, brake pads, bushings, springs, anthers

- Brake chamber, brake, membranes, release lever

- Hubs, bearings, gaskets, studs, nuts

- Bushings, bushings, p / k pins, stabilizer, suspension, traction jet, beam.

- Spring air, glasses

- Belts coupling, the tachograph cards

- Bolts, nuts, washers, various fasteners

- Connectors, pneumatic tubes, fittings and a large assortment of air connections, receivers.

- Cables, conventional systems and ABS / EBS, paddle switches, mirrors, mud flaps, and a lot of more.