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Seminar in "Ankomtech" with partner «WABCO»

Technical center "Ankomteh" is constantly working to improve the skills of center's workers and expanding the range of spare parts for the program of "service without limits."

The next seminar to raise specialists was held 11-12 of December in "Ankomtech" with partner «WABCO», a leading provider of innovative technologies and management systems to ensure the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles.

Founded more than 140 years, WABCO continues to be a pioneer in the discovery of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic technologies for braking, stability and transmission automation supplied by the world's leading manufacturers of commercial trucks, buses and trailers.

WABCO company developed a unique culture of innovation and diversity to meet the needs of customers around the world, using local talent and knowledge in global collaborative environment.

The list of achievements in the field of WABCO's technology leadership includes many of the most important innovations of the industry of commercial vehicles.

Technical Center "Ankomtech" is a service partner « WABCO » with Gold status with the assigned service center corresponding to the highest rating scale profile of the workshop and scope of activities.