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The new stand with WAS's products in "Technical Center "Ankomtech" 's stores !

Polish manufacturer of universal European quality optics prolongs for customers shopping center "Ankomteh":

with a one-time purchase of products WAS worth of 5000 uah in any representative TC "Ankomtech" You get a display stand universal optics WAS free. On the stand assembled top positions on the A brand-certified manufacturer supplying produkuiyu to the assembly line.

Having this stand, you can set it to a service station or in a shop selling spare parts as a perfect example. All lamps are included on the bench that can serve as an additional advertising your store illumination in the dark.

Polish producer WAS performed well in the European and Ukrainian markets premium quality light, corresponding trebovniyam DSTU, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and the best value for money.