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Expansion of the range. All necessary parts for all types of commercial vehicles.

Dear customers, the company TC "ANKOMTEСH" conducted a planned expansion of the range. In early June, warehouses replenishment products brands WAS, CEI, Universal Components, Fortir and SAMPA.

Assortment of Italian brand CEI credited spare parts to the transmission system (available repair kits, gaskets, rod tips PPC, bridge components, suspension bearings, etc.), balance, hand wheels, steering parts.

Tax and replenished with new positions products WAS (universal smooth lanterns (semisektsionnymi), backlit rooms, including rooms with a combined light marker lamps, front, rear, side marker lights (horns), reflectors, stoplentami and other interesting positions). All products WAS presented as a normal and LED (light-emitting diode) performance.

details of the brake system (pads, lining, installation kits. rivets) brand FORTIR;

range extended cab parts, spare parts for trailers, semi-trailers and trucks from the manufacturer Universal Components;

SHEEFT supplemented by brand presence brake caliper (bearings, chains, seals, etc.);

SAMPA expanded range of next position: brake pads, springs, shafts, shaft brake repair kits, the fifth tow hitch, pins, stabilizer, hubs, bearings, seals, bushings, spring bushings, ratchets, power cable, etc.

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