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Dear customers,

We are constantly improving our product range and its extension.

Italian manufacturer of spare parts, of which you are particularly interested in their characteristics bushings, gaskets, hoses, introduced to our range and is already represented in stock TC "Ankomteh."

Lema company was founded in 1968 in Italy. The wide product range includes spare parts for trucks Iveco, Scania, Volvo, Renault (RVI), Mercedes and MAN, as well as for the axles BPW, SAF. Car Iveco products Lema delivered to the conveyor!


    Range of parts as spare parts for trailers and semi-trailers (Bpw, Ror-Meritor, Saf, Viberti, Acerbi, etc.).

 Modern technology and the line quality control guarantee reliability and quality of LE.MA. The company is certified ISO 9001. Range LE.MA. in the shopping center "ANKOMTEH":

   Engine parts, gaskets, seals, pads and engine mounts, pads and support of a transmission, the system of suspension, bushings, stabilizer cushions.

  The company also produces cushioning material hoses for different purposes and characteristics.

Managers will answer all your questions.

We wish you a successful operation of your vehicle!