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We received hundreds of items of brake drums PE (Hermann Peters).

"Ankomteh" received from Germany hundreds of items of brake drums PE (Hermann Peters).

You can buy them at any of our stores, and set at service stations in Kiev and Zaporozhye.

Brake drums PE have high levels of quality and reliability. In our stores represented only original products PE, since the technical center "ANKOMTEH" c 2006 is an official partner of the manufacturer. High quality of products is epitomized by the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


PE produces brake drums and many other spare parts for European truck and trailer axles, all of them are multi-step control when leaving the assembly line.

TC "ANKOMTEH" offers a full range of products Peters:

• Brake drums, brake discs, brake shaft, brake pads (shoes)

• P / K Expanding shafts, brake pads, bushings, springs, anthers

• Brake chamber, brake, membranes, release lever

• hubs, bearings, gaskets, studs, nuts

• Bushings, bushings, p / k pins, stabilizer, suspension, traction jet, beam.

• pneumatic springs, glasses

• Belts coupling, the tachograph cards

• Bolts, nuts, washers, various fasteners

• Connectors, pneumatic tubes, fittings and a large assortment of air connections, receivers,

• cables, conventional systems and ABS / EBS, paddle switches, mirrors, mud flaps and more.