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Permits' distribution of Austria, Italy and Hungary in 2013

Dear Customers!

According to information Ukrtransinspektsiyi Ukraine, among trucking distribution of permits held in Italy, Austria and Hungary, with limited annual quota performance freight vehicles in Italy, Austria and Hungary in 2013.

Projects division above permits have been prepared by the Working Group according to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine "On Approval of the working group to prepare proposals on the distribution, processing and issuing permits that have limited annual quota performance freight vehicles in 2013 and Statute "21sichnya from number 30 in 2013 and approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure on January 22 this year.

In addition, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology of Austria unilaterally decided to exchange the Austrian permits for 2013 quarterly. In connection with the annual personal quota permits Austrian carrier was divided quarterly.

Also, the State Inspection of Ukraine on land transport safety recalls that of transporting goods between Ukraine and Hungary may only goods vehicle category "Euro-3 safe" and higher environmental categories.

State Inspection of Ukraine on land transport security applies to carriers requesting transportation plan in 2013, given this information.

Please take note and use this information to work.

Information provided by the Association of International Automobile Carriers of Ukraine, stay in official news sources on the distribution of permits from other countries.