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Reliability of German spare parts for your vehicle

We are delighted to inform youabout the new delivery of spare parts and repair kits for trucks of German brand PE Automotive. Our

 warehouses are replenished with a wide range of accessories .

At Technical Center Ankomtech you can buy brake chamber, discs, drums, rollers, pads and repair kits for them, tightening belts, tachograph cards, connectors, pneumatic tubes, fittings, Receivers, repair kits pins, sleeves, bushings, thrust jet, different types of bolts, screw nuts, washers and other fasteners, as well as accessories for commercial vehicles.

PE Automotive is a leading German manufacturer of spare parts for European commercial vehicles: trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers. Product quality of PE Automotive is confirmed by the constant testing and international certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Moreover, PE Automotive supplies trucks of Belgian Truck Racing Team with its spare parts, participating in the annual truck race and constantly demonstrating high reliability of its parts for trucks.

Ankomtech has in its assortment spare parts for DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Bergische Aschen, Kassbohrer, Meritor/ROR.

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