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WAS optics: quality and affordability (part 2)

Ankomtech chooses only trusted partners. Thus, Ankomtech together with WAS conducted testing of WAS products on the roads of our

 country. The testing once again confirmed the high quality of this optics: WAS lights bear tens of thousands of kilometers of vibration and shaking on the Ukrainian roads, together with temperature changes.

The tests showed that WAS optics is much longer in use than its analogues and it never fails in our conditions. Therefore, when buying WAS products, car owners save their money, while providing guaranteed safety and security of its passengers and cargo on any road!
Developers of WAS LED lamps worked hard to make them durable and energy efficient. They are characterized by low power consumption, which reduces the load on the electrical system (generators) and, as a result, helps driver to save fuel. Professionals of transportation and maintenance understand that it is better to buy good quality spares once, rather than regularly buy cheaper counterparts.

How is the quality of WAS optics achieved? To answer this question we need to consider several options.
1 -> the use of ultrasonic welding machines for plastic compounds (for example, in the production of reflectors) and other modern equipment.
2 -> advantage of WAS photometric laboratory that allows to check all the parameters of production and facilitates the compliance with the norms of exploitation and safety.
3 -> the tests are conducted under voltage swing, temperature fall and different atmospheric conditions simulated in the freezer and salt water. In addition, the products are tested in vibrocamera: optics on and off, it is exposed to fluctuations close to the natural conditions of use.

Thus, the manufacturer takes into account both the operating conditions and requirements for durability, which makes it one of the best brands of universal optics.

Only last year the company WAS was awarded with four awards at the Fair of automotive engineering, which is the largest trade fairs in Poland. Also, the company's products were repeatedly awarded with gold medals in 2003, 2005 , 2007, 2009 , 2011, 2012 years at the International Fair in Poznan. WAS received numerous certificates of environmental and technological innovation as a prominent exporter of Poland.

Hence, company WAS proved to be a leader of innovation in lighting, products of which set new standards on the world market. Undoubtedly, the company is obliged for success to its high quality products and reasonable pricing.

Optics' reliability and durability is constantly being improved, which allows consumer to receive maximum productivity and quality, and which is more, to avoid unnecessary spending on replacement. These parameters have made WAS optics popular not only among drivers, but also among masters of professional service stations.

The Polish company WAS, which understands the importance of optics for commercial vehicles and wants to satisfy the needs of its customers, offers them the widest range of products:

  • number plate lights;
  • outline lights (front, rear and side ones);
  • interior lighting;
  • taillights; fog lights; reversing lights; lantern working area;
  • daytime running lights;
  • reflectors;
  • kits for tractors, trailers, agricultural and construction equipment.

All of the above products are available in wide assortment of LED and conventional lights for commercial vehicles.