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WAS optics: quality and affordability (part1)

Optics for commercial vehicles always deserves attention of their owners, because its functionality and quality greatly affect traffic safety.


Every driver knows that low quality item can cause emergency or idle time in the most crucial moment, endanger the lives of many people and make many other inconveniences. The same applies to lighting: low quality affects the safety of vehicle, timely delivery of cargo, health of driver. Vehicles are difficult to see for drivers on the road in dim glow, fog, rain, snow or in darkness, which is very dangerous during maneuvering. Therefore, reliability of vehicle lighting is first and foremost for your safety.

Presently, not many companies have earned such high degree of customers' trust, as Polish manufacturer WAS.

Company WAS, founded in 1979, has contributed greatly to the development of lighting technology for trucks. Its products are an excellent example of both reliability and value for money. This is no accident, because the WAS developers of optics have focused on durability and quality of WAS products.

Because of this, WAS products are delivered to assembly lines of the European manufacturers of trailers, semi-trailers and special purpose vehicles. Thus, it is well known that the status of supplier for conveyors officially confirms reliability of a manufacturer. Optics company WAS has ISO 9001:2001 quality certification in design, manufacture and sale of automotive lighting. All its products comply with European standards, and therefore, they are popular both among big manufacturers of commercial machinery and owners of vehicles.

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