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History of Thermo King

Thermo King company has begun its activity since partnership between inventor Frederick Jones and businessmen Joseph Numero. During the World War II the company produced conditioning systems for the US army.

Possibility of delivering frozen or fresh foodstuff promoted the raise of food industry, and Thermo King developed continuously.
By late 70s Thermo King had its factories in Puerto-Rico, Georgia, Brazil and Belgium. Freezing and heating climate systems on gasoline, diesel, gas and electric engines were in use in more than 60 countries worldwide.

According to the level of refrigeration capacity, automotive refrigerating machines Thermo King are divided into small, medium and large. Excellent functioning of all types of machines depends on automated systems, which maintain permanent temperature regime. With such systems driver can monitor all working characteristics of refrigerating machines.

Ankomtech became an official service partner of Thermo King in 2008. Ankomtech represents nodes, consumables and branded spare parts produced by Thermo King. As an official service center of Thermo King, we not only carry out repair, but also provide our customers with original spare parts, which are constantly available in large assortment. Delivery term of the majority of parts does not exceed two weeks.

You can buy and mount the following items at the technical center Ankomtech:
• Thermo King aggregates;
• Spare part wholesale/retail.

Ankomtech performs the following services:

  • Diagnostics of all units and systems; 
  • Preventative maintenance; 
  • Repair and overhaul; 
  • Service and warranty service by qualified personnel; 
  • Prompt repair of all Thermo King models; 
  • Installation of systems to track and record temperature, speed and route of the refrigerator.

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